Highlights of the Amino Pay-TV ‘Voice of the Customer 2020’ survey

At Amino we know that we can only succeed if our customers meet their consumers’ expectations. To be able to do this well, we need to know our operator customers, their users: what their challenges are and where they’re planning to go next. We do this through a constant dialogue with customers, which we augment through our annual Amino Voice of the Customer survey.

The 2020 global results are now in and I’d like to share the headlines. To do this I’ve looked at where there’s closest agreement between our customers, which ever region they’re in:

  • Live TV is not dead! Only 5% have a plan in place to switch off linear TV
  • 91% agree that their biggest challenge is the cost of content
  • 91% agree that when it comes to UI what matters most is ease-of-use for the subscriber
  • 83% of interest in Android TV is generated because of a desire to provide subscribers with seamless access to linear and OTT content
  • 77% see OTT as complementary to their services rather than as competitive

Apart from the cost of content - which we can’t do much about – all these issues and goals are central to the Amino strategic roadmap .

We work closely with our customers to help them adopt and embrace the convergence of TV and streaming services by providing subscribers with seamless access to linear and OTT content. We also ensure that our UI solves the fragmentation and discovery barriers that consumers and media companies face. It’s our ultimate aim to provide consumer centric solutions so that however a viewer wants to discover, access, view and interact with video, our solutions maximise their enjoyment and minimise the barriers to this enjoyment.

The Voice of the Customer 2020 survey helps us understand how we can better enable our customer to win in today’s hyper-competitive landscape. With increased agility combined with a data driven, consumer centric approach, operators will successfully combat churn and win new customers. That’s a win for all of us. I hope your find the survey highlights in the infographic useful too!

Jamie Mackinlay
Global Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing