TV Devices

The future for TV devices is endlessly debated, but the fact is that in-home devices are still core to many offerings.

Client Devices

AminoVU offers a range of highly reliable, low cost-of-ownership client TV devices that deliver entertainment to the main (or additional) TV in the home: small enough to mail, tough enough to run faultlessly.

Recording Devices

The AminoVU suite augments our reliable devices with local recording capability, and is often deployed alongside AminoVU devices as a powerful recording hub for the main TV. When combined in this way, the additional TVs in other rooms can view live and recorded content.

Enterprise Devices

AminoVU offers a range of enterprise solutions to maximize the impact of your message or campaign. Whether it's offering a movie on demand service to your hotel guests, showing replays at a sports stadium, or capturing shoppers with an interactive ad, our field proven solutions can help you reach your audience more effectively.

Devices and more…

With over 10 million IP-connected TV devices shipped, serving over 250 operators and enterprise customers, we understand the appeal and importance of video.

Consumers demand reliability. Consumers expect video and all of the enabling technology around it to work. They don’t care how it works, they just want it to work. Our AminoVU devices, powered by our widely deployed and proven Enable software or our Android TV Operator Tier certified Apollo software, fulfill requirements for performance and flexibility.

Consumers demand quality. Consumers expect high-resolution video. Not only do our devices support 4K UHD content, they can reduce bandwidth requirements by up to 50% with HEVC support. In addition, our MoCA enabled devices capitalize on the high-bandwidth capacity of coax cable for high quality in-home delivery of real-time traffic such as live sports.

Consumers demand choice. Consumers love content and they want access to content from many platforms. AminoVU devices already support live and on-demand linear content. They also easily integrate with various OTT platforms such as YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix and others – helping consumers overcome cord confusion!

AminoVU products provide the reliability, quality and choice demanded by our customers. But, we provide more. We know that truck rolls are costly. AminoVU devices can be self-installed by subscribers. This capability helps operators reduce truck rolls and requirements for a technicians to manage device install and set-up. Some operators have achieved a self-install rate of 90%!

Amino is your tried and true partner in providing pay-TV solutions aligned to the changing face of TV.

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