'From operator tier to operator ready'

Operator Tier Android TV, from Google, gives operators the essential flexibility needed for delivering and aggregating the content demanding subscribers crave.

Subscribers benefit from:

  • Access to linear and OTT content to the subscriber home via a single TV input – HDMI1
  • A rich, visual user interface
  • Federated search of live, recorded and OTT content
  • Voice control and integration with Google Assistant
  • Access to the Google Play store and its range of apps, streaming media, services and games

Operator Ready Android TV enhances the features of Operator Tier Android TV by adding the capabilities important to pay-TV providers.

  • Support for: IGMP Multicast, Multicast ABR, MPEG2
  • Retransmission
  • DRM extensions
  • CableCard support for legacy CAS
  • Self-install wizard
  • EAS (where applicable)
  • Closed Captioning

With Operator Ready Android TV operators benefit from:

  • Accelerate time to market with a modern multiscreen service
  • Leverage existing investments
  • Deploy an effective self-install capability
  • Take action with analytics related to quality and subscriber consumption patterns
  • Retain flexibility in choice over hardware platforms

Operators gain additional benefit from AminoSM Engage, our cloud-based service assurance platform for:

  • Device Management
  • Customer Support & Service
  • Analytics & Quality