TV Everywhere

The Amino TV multi-screen solution seamlessly delivers a full range of home and mobile TV experiences, including live streaming, network DVR, catch up and VoD services.

AminoTV is a comprehensive solution comprising everything needed to quickly and cost-effectively launch or expand a TV service with all the features expected by viewers today. The solution offers:

  • Media Backend for content and metadata ingest, transcode and storage
  • Web Services for content, user, and service creation and management
  • Origin for delivery to a managed network, the internet or CDN
  • Clients for delivering an engaging TV service on STB, mobile devices and PCs

With advanced adaptive bit rate (ABR) technologies such as DASH and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), you can leverage both your existing network infrastructure and the internet to deliver a better quality user experience with a TV Everywhere service that goes beyond the living room and across any screen.

Benefits of AminoTV multi-screen solution:

  • Extend your service footprint
  • Improve network efficiency
  • Deliver video streaming to any portable device
  • Offer live, time-shifted and on-demand video services
  • Stream video services over any IP network, including mobile and the unmanaged Internet